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Thanks for visiting Test Internet Speed. You have likely found our website because you are having issues with your internet connection speed. Thousands of Canadians search the web ever month for help with Internet Speed Test.

With all the different offers of high speed service from the different internet service providers its important to know exactly what you are receiving. Many companies are promoting extremely high levels of connection but for various reasons you might not be receiving the correct connection speed.

Before you start the review process make sure you know exactly what speed your contract says that you should be receiving. Having used “high-speed” internet connections from two of Canada’s biggest companies, Rogers and Bell/Sympatico we know its important to test your internet speed and compare results to your service listed on your monthly invoice!

To help you solve your problems we have various resources listed on our website. We have listed various Test Internet Speed websites with two different sections. One page lists various Canadian internet speed test which are provided by Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISP). Note that only using your ISP test site only to get your results is not recommended but its important for comparison reasons.

Another page lists various other websites. We have tested all these websites and we provide reviews.

Your internet connection speed might also be suffering because of some hardware and software issues. We have a quick fix page were you might be able to find a solution to your connection speeds.

Hopefully we can provide you with some help in your Test Internet Speed quest.